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HR Self Service

Ordering Portal

Through the HR self-service portal, you’ll be in control! You have the ability to order background checks using pre-defined packages determined by our experienced staff based on the type of job or industry.

Status Checks

No more background check black holes. You’ll know where each report is every step of the way. You’ll be able to communicate with our staff using our sophisticated note system or email so if we need a bit more information, you’ll know about it and can get it for us right away.

Real Automation

From applicant self-screening to your online employee application, the self-service portal lets you decide who gets a background check based on predefined filters. This means no data entry and once placed, the order goes seamlessly to us where we check for errors, compliance, red flags and more.

Account Management

From your account profile, you’ll be able to create users and branches, view reports across your entire screening program, pay invoices, view pricing, as well as see your screening effectiveness status and more.

i9 Compliance Automation

Input, Track and Manage

Seamless integration and instant submission to the E-Verify system as well as existing HR platforms and includes branch capabilities, document receipts and compliant electronic signatures.

Reduce Labor, Time, and Training

No extensive expertise in I9 compliance rules required so training costs are reduced by up to 80% and all steps for completing the I9 are easily outlined for the user.

Eliminate Errors

Guided workflow and real-time error checking as well as step-by-step instructions eliminates duplicate data entry and transcription errors.

Detailed Audit Trails

Automatic ICE-compliant audit trails and tracking in addition to secure user management ensures forensic-quality audit reports.

Applicant Tracking System

Career Site

You won’t need a IT team to advertise your job openings. With our career site you can include it on your company website and create new jobs in minutes.

Eliminate Data Entry

We automate collecting of resumes, cover letters, and we have an easy to use employee application that puts data entry on the candidate to speed processing and reduce errors.

Applicant Management

Once you have an applicant in the process, you can review resumes, reject or hire, initiate a background check, extend an offer letter and more.

Satisfied Candidates

The process is so easy and intuitive, candidates love it. They will also love it because you’ll be able to communicate with them every step of the way.

Swift Hire

Applicant Self Screen

Swift Hire invited applicants through email to initiate the background check process. In addition it helps the applicant track the progress as well as sends out automated reminders.

Eliminate Data Entry

Once received, HR can review all applicant information and decide whether to process the background check or pass on the candidate.


Personal information is entered by the applicants using a secure web form backed by encryption and a guarantee of information privacy according to the FCRA.

Automate with Integrations

We understand the importance of connecting systems to transfer important applicant information. The benefits are straightforward: improve turnaround, reduce errors and costs, improve accuracy. We are proud to offer our clients integrations into most of the leading Applicant Tracking Systems. No matter what system you are using, we either already have an integration or we can get one quickly. We also integrate into some of the biggest and best data sources so that you can rest assured you are always getting the best information, automated.

  • Applicant Tracking Systems

    • Adp
    • Applicant
    • Ascentis
    • Aspengrove
    • Brass
    • Collabera
    • Compas
    • Decision
    • Decision
    • Ebe
    • Efficient
    • Erecruit
    • Hr
    • Icims
    • Idstc
    • Kpa
    • My
    • Newton
    • People
    • Saas
    • Smart
    • Success
    • Talent
    • Talent
    • Taleo
    • Tech
    • Tempworks
    • Ultipro
    • Ultra
  • Data Connections

    • Adr
    • E
    • Experian
    • I3
    • Lexis
    • Paypal
    • Student
    • The
    • Transunion
    • Verisys


Qualifying Profiles will access background information to help you make decisions with confidence. Our commitment is to obtain reliable reports keeping cost at a minimum and report to you in a timely manner.

Who We Are

We focus on three main objectives: accuracy, speed, and lowering costs.

  • Full Service

    Qualifying Profiles is a full service employment screening company dedicated to providing quality information at an affordable price.

  • Our Goals

    We focus on three main objectives: accuracy, speed, and lowering costs. To this end we use cutting edge technology that allows our clients to order reports and view status as well as receive results by fax, email or online.

  • Cost Effective

    In addition, we get our information direct from sources which allows us to offer more cost-effective services, while at the same time providing quality information.

  • Best in the Industry

    Our management team is experienced and well suited to bring you the best screening services in the Industry. We deliver these services through a number of channels including employment, care provider, and tenant screening.

Contact Us

Call us anytime at (704) 873-6916

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